Demo Applications


Chirp is a micro-blogging enterprise social networking tool, similar to Twitter, created using the Backend. You can send short messages, follow your friends or other users, and read messages in real time.


While building this app, our goal was to mimic the rich functionality of Twitter, and create a complex real-time app. Twitter uses a follower-based, real-time data activity model. You can easily replicate this with the help of our JavaScript SDK and the many features offered by Backend to create your own enterprise social networking and communication tool.

Chirp uses our Real-time's Presence and Events functionalities to notify users about any changes in real time.

Presence: Backend's Presence technology notifies you when users are connected to your app and when they are not. Its 'Status' feature shows whether a user is online or offline. While it is a great add-on for any application, it is particularly useful when building a Twitter clone or a chat or messaging app.

When a user logs in to his/her Chirp account, his Presence details are updated, allowing other users to know in real time whether this user is online or offline.

Events: Chirp uses the 'Event' functionality to display content in real time. Whenever a user logs in to his Chirp account, a socket connection is established with Backend. The server uses this socket connection to send information about creation/update/deletion events to the user, such as new chirp, new comments, new followers, and so on.

Here is the link to your sample app:

Disclaimer: Backend does not own any data posted on Chirp. Backend is not responsible for any damages or harm caused due to the content of the posted messages.


'Hello' is a desktop chat application created using Backend. Quite similar to Google  Hangouts, 'Hello' provides several features, such as single chat, group chat, and so on. Just like our other demo apps listed above, 'Hello' leverages Real-time, enabling users to get notified about events as they happen. You too can create your own desktop chat app with the help of our JavaScript SDK and other Backend services. 


Here is the link to our Hello app.

Disclaimer: Backend does not own any data posted on Hello. Backend is not responsible for any damages or harm caused due to the content of the posted messages.