What's New: Backend is a backend-as-a-service platform. In other words, it helps you create apps quickly and effortlessly, taking care of all the backend requirements.

The obvious question that arises in a developer's mind is why use BaaS when you can do it all by yourself.

A simple answer to this question is that BaaS eases the pain of going through a lot of the hassles involved in building an app. And it saves time and money!

Let's understand how. 

Let's say you have a brilliant idea, and you want to develop this idea into an app. You start to learn and practice how to code for various platforms, such as iOS, Android, Javascript, and so on. You start designing the user interface, brainstorm feature ideas, and even finalize monetization strategies for your app. 

Sounds great! However, all this just barely scratches the surface. You then realize you need some cloud space where you can: 

  • Store and manage user info 
  • Manage user registration
  • Manage user profiles 
  • Store, manage and retrieve data 
  • Track app usage and user behavior

To get such an app up and running in the cloud, you would need to:

  • Set up databases (such as Mongo)
  • Set up servers 
  • Choose a stack (such as Node, Ruby on Rails)
  • Hire server engineers
  • Select hosting providers (such as Amazon)
  • Write server-side code for business logic
  • Move it to production 
  • Manage load balancers

This is certainly not fun and can prove to be extremely expensive, challenging, and time-consuming. 

This is where Backend, a leading BaaS provider, comes to your rescue. Backend eliminates the need to manually install and manage your own servers, helping developers like you focus on what they do best. 

To easily manage the data of your application, Backend equips you with a management console and SDKs.

The management console is like an admin dashboard where you can control/manage all the data of your app in just a few clicks. This flexible dashboard can store any kind of application data. 

An SDK, or a software development kit, is like a gift box that comes with a set of software and other tools that are required to develop an application for a specific platform. With our SDKs, you can now focus solely on the client side of development! Backend provides SDKs for Android, iOS, Javascript and Xamarin. Backend works by connecting your app with our servers, using a SDK or REST APIs. You can then use Backend as your datastore, rely on it for your data validation and security needs, upload files, send push notifications…in short, you can do everything that you used to rely on a backend for without having to build it yourself!

We feature a complete set of functionalities, such as:

  • Data storage
  • Advanced queries on your data
  • File Storage
  • ACLs (Access Control Lists) for security of your data and files
  • Analytics
  • Webhooks, as an integration mechanism
  • Push Notifications to iOS and Android devices

Functionalities like these previously took months to code from scratch. Backend now makes it easy to crank out an app in record time! features a complete data storage solution. Think of it as a cloud-based database, that you can universally access. Advanced queries are possible, for example, to retrieve relational data based on a set of conditions. You can simply use the management interface to design what your data should look like, and you have a predictable dataset that works.

Security of your data is enabled by the comprehensive role-based ACL support that Backend provides. Set the ACLs from the management interface and decide who gets to do what. Additionally, you can also assign permissions dynamically using the SDKs.

Store files and assets for your app. Secure your files with the same comprehensive ACL support as your data. This means that your files are completely secured against possible leaks of URLs.

Analytics in Backend allows you to understand how your users are interacting with your app. Use it to gain insight insight into what your customers want, where they get stuck and what features you might want to add or remove in the future. This is a full-featured tool that allows you to perform advanced querying such as segmentation and funneling.

To engage your users, use the Push Notifications feature. Send notifications to iOS and Android users, enable them to subscribe to selected feeds and notify them of new updates and releases. Backend provides SDKs for popular platforms such as iOS, Android and the Web. There is also a full featured REST API that allows you to integrate Backend with virtually any platform that supports HTTP.

What next?

Go ahead and take a look at quick start or dive into our detailed guide.